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Beat Sheet Episode One

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By now, it’s not a little known fact that hip hop is not only here to stay, but is one of the most followed forms of musical culture across the World. Here at home in the States, the genre has saturated into every region to mutate itself into not only a reflection of inner city culture, but American culture in general. Representing both the substantial and superficial, this ever changing organism can be incredibly hard  to navigate for the everyday music lover looking for quality artists, especially those new to the scene without an established fan base of hip hop heads to sing their praises.

This playlist was constructed to give nods to all of those “Next Big Things” in hip hop. These artists have an abundance of lyrical prowess and head nodding beats, what they lack is an abundance of radio play and “mainstream” hype. You won’t find any emcees with major label releases on this list (sorry, Kendrick!), and you won’t find under appreciated vets, either (hence, no Pharoahe Monch or Kool G Rap). But, what you will find is a variety of fresh, quality hip hop for every taste; just think of it as a digital farmer’s market.

Some of these artists are better known as producers and rockstars, others are recognizable by their stand-out appearances with solo artists. Some are a breath away from going big, and others are just showing as blips on the radar. They represent every region and every style. They are hometown heroes and message board favorites. They are what you’ve been looking for if you thought hip hop was dead.

-The Nefarious Skippy Wells

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